About Dr. Sallye Stauber, DNP



 Experienced collaborator with administrators, medical directors and providers to set policy based on the evidence-based medicine approach to patient care. I have vast experience and special interest in Medical Aesthetics, Occupational Medicine, Cardiology, Orthopedics, Urgent Care and Addiction Medicine.

I became interested in medicine in the second grade, and then again in seventh grade, after an illness and then a severe, life-threatening injury put me in the skilled hands of many doctors and nurses. After those traumatic experiences and subsequent positive outcomes, I dedicated my education and career to the medical field.

Today I have decades of experience as a Nurse Practitioner, a doctorate degree, and years of experience as a registered nurse. I earned my degrees in steps, gaining more experience in the medical field all along the way.

Dr. Sallye Stauber, DNP

Your face deserves a professional medical provider with experience, training and education at the highest levels.  That's Dr. Sallye Stauber! 

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